Advanced Internet Development and Marketing

Consumers’ Interest understands the Internet’s potential to revolutionize essential business thinking. We also have the strategic planning and technological skills to help our clients make the most of their online marketing. Strategies are designed to fold the Internet into the marketing efforts of our clients to help increase and maintain profitability as well as integrate new information processes into the core of business operations.

Consumers’ Interest was founded by Tod Cunningham over 18 years ago in Bellevue, Washington as an electronic publishing service. Within the first two years, we began providing websites and additional Internet services. Today, we serve as an Internet marketing and information management solutions provider.

We are a hard-working company that helps its clients create successful Internet solutions. Now, as then, we are heavy on ideas and light on pretense. We also employ people from all over the world that have the necessary talents to keep our ideas fresh and on-point.

We believe that creating a project is an evolving process, a challenge that we can work on together to reach not only our goals, but more importantly, our clients’ goals. We help our clients to effectively use the Internet in their business efforts to increase and maintain their market share. Our success is their success.

Why Us
We thoroughly study each project from our clients’ intended markets all the way through to their internal beliefs. Depending on project requirements, we have a dedicated group of professionals that analyze and understand all the possibilities that are available. We can also utilize our clients’ internal resources to help maximize their budget. With over 25 years of practical business knowledge, and a talented staff, we have unmatched business and technological expertise.

We have completed hundreds of projects of various sizes and complexity in numerous business markets. We provide a full range of services from business analysis and consulting to project implementation and long- or short-term support.

Professional Web Design Company

Consumers' Interest can provide customers with web designs that properly relay their products and/or services and reinforce their brands. The opportunities and possibilities created for sales and marketing in the virtual world t...


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About Tod Cunningham

Tod has over 20 years Internet development, engineering, implementation, and marketing experience.  He has been responsible for the development of state of the art Internet applications for companies like Nordstroms, Seattle Space Needle, Sitesnet Online Demographics, Minx ...